Lime Co-Labs

co-creating solutions

Our design approach is centered on understanding of user context, needs while co-creating solutions with clients.

organization support

We support organizations to DISCOVER user needs, Understand the USER CONTEXT and BEHAVIORS and turn them to design opportunities. We co-create with you, test with users and define the functional specifications of the solution.

our experience

Tapping into our vast experience- supporting 40+ innovations in various sectors across Africa- to develop a GO-TO-MARKET strategy, operational strategy and implementation plans to successfully launch solutions


We are here to help you to grow your organization

The Lime Co-Labs Team

Irene Wagaki

Creative Director |Lead Behavioral researcher and Designer- Lime Co-Labs.

Irene is a researcher and creative designer who specializes in digital finance solutions for agriculture, health and other sectors. Irene approaches combine the best of human centered design research and user experience design.

As a consultant, Irene guides diverse organizations to create tailored impact experiences that meet the needs of their target users. Countries of work experience: Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Mozambique.

John Wainaina

Data Consultant| User interaction Designer & Data Scientist- Lime CO-Labs

John is an PHD Economist with experience in econometrics modelling of data mining and advanced analytical tools such as Tableau, R-Python and SQL.

He has supported organizations in defining data strategy, optimization of user experience through insights drawn from user-interaction data analysis.

Maureen Wachira

Dev Ops & Client Ops Lead – Lime Co-Labs

Maureen has an interesting mix of dev ops and client ops experience. She is an expert in quality assurance where she performs functional tests of new builds before deployment to live environment. She has 5 years of experience in client operations such as trouble shooting, analyzing common client fall-out points and training call center teams to resolve and escalate issues is critical when supporting Pilot implementation of new products.